Here's My Story 1

My name is Ashok Parmar, and for twelve years, I worked as a warehouse manager that strictly dealt with coffee shops all around the United States.

It wasn’t how I wanted to get into the coffee business, or rather, how I wanted to move up in it.

I worked at a small mom and pop’s shop in Seattle (hard business to run one of those under the shadow of Lady Starbucks).

One day, one of the usual delivery drivers came in and mentioned that there was a job opening the warehouse, and I was looking to pick up another part-time job.

Well, I started there, one thing led to another, and within three months I was the manager of inventory, and then learned under the manager of distribution, and there I was.

I was stuck, for twelve years. Good pay, sure, but I was far away from coffee.

I missed the days of working in the little coffee shop, of opening up the store at 4:45 AM every day and just smelling the strong espresso beans under my nose when I flipped the machine on.

So, I left it all behind. Well, really COVID-19 made me leave it all behind, but it was indirectly for the better.

Now I get to put all my expertise in coffee from the industry side of things into what makes a perfect cup.

I get to help you make your best cup of coffee, explore the best coffee makers, grinders, and everything in between.

Hopefully you find my industry insider knowledge to be helpful.

Thanks for your time, everybody!