Not everyone sees salt in the coffee the same way. Some believe it has no place in it, while others think it is just a means of making inferior coffee taste better.

Almost everyone who adds salt to coffee admits that it reduces bitterness in the cup. 

Depending on the length of the roast, the extraction time, and the temperature of the water, the bitterness of coffee varies.

Salt can react with the compounds that produce bitterness to reduce the effect. It suppresses the bitterness and, at the same time, enhances the sweetness. In some instances, some people even replace sugar with salt.

Salts may cause more harm than good if the right type isn’t used. Table salt is refined, heavily processed, and has no helpful minerals.

So, when we talk about salt, don’t just think about sodium chloride, but consider healthy salts like sodium bicarbonate and Celtic sea salt.

History of Salt in Coffee

History of Salt in Coffee

Several different accounts state where salt in coffee originates from. Hue, a city in Vietnam, is believed to be the origin of the practice, although it is known that seamen have always taken advantage of seawater to make coffee.

They were the ones that discovered that salt makes the coffee taste better. The nomadic people of Mongolian origin, including those in North Europe and China, are also known to commonly use salt in their coffee.

Many parts of Hungary, Siberia, and Turkey are also known to favor this practice. It was observed that adding salt to coffee improved its taste. This was particularly true for low-grade coffee.

Salt also found its way into coffee in some islands with abundant saltwater. This was a common feature in Scandinavian countries, where the surrounding sea was a common ingredient in coffee drinks.

Salt in coffee, however, also has an angle in Turkey, where it is part of their wedding culture.

The bride prepares coffee and adds salt, which signals the commencement of the ceremonies when consumed by the groom’s family. It is a tradition that dates back several ages.

No one can say where the practice originates, although it is believed to be more likely to have started with seafarers.

Benefits of Salt in Coffee

Benefits of Salt in Coffee

There are many reasons why salt in coffee has remained popular to date. Salt is perceived as a medicinal substance. It is also a preservative.

Salt improves lots of food and also improves coffee. Here are some specific benefits associated with salt in coffee.

Reduced Bitterness

As we noted above, sodium in salt reacts with the compounds that cause bitterness in coffee. As a chemical reaction, salt reduces coffee’s offense and can neutralize it completely.

That’s one of the reasons why some people have replaced sugar with salt in their coffee. Those who started adding salt to coffee initially did not know that it would have such an effect.

Coffee varies in bitterness depending on the roast’s type and darkness, so the salt’s quantity should also depend on the bitterness level.

Enhanced Flavor

Salt naturally brings out the flavor in food—in the same way that salt enhances the taste of food, it enhances the flavor of coffee. Adding the right amount to your brew will bring out all the tastes and flavors in the coffee that you didn’t even know were there.

One interesting thing about coffee is the numerous flavors that are found in the drink. While the type of coffee, length of the roast, and brew method all play a critical role in the kind of flavor you get, you can enhance it further by adding salt.

Replacing Sugar

Replacing sugar with salt in coffee makes a lot of sense. Sugar and sweeteners are known to improve the taste of coffee, but they also reduce the drink’s health benefits.

Coffee is known to have lots of health benefits, including enhancing the heart and the brain.

But the calories of sugar do a lot of damage to the body, causing more harm than good, especially to the heart. Salt will neutralize most of the bitterness of coffee, and the drink’s health benefits remain.

Combats Stale Water

If your water has become stale in your coffee maker, it can produce bad-tasting coffee, especially if it stands for long. One hack to adopt if you have stale water is to add salt to the brew.

Not only will the salt neutralize the staleness of the water, but it will also improve the taste. Also, if the water in the area is known to taste poor, salt can be added to your coffee to reduce the effect.

With all of these benefits, we think that adding salt to your coffee is worth considering, especially if you’ve never tried it before.

However, as with everything, there should be moderation. There are some health concerns with salt intake. Let’s look at them.

Health Concerns

Health Concerns

Sodium is essential in the regulation of blood pressure, and it helps keep the nervous system balanced. But the major problem with salt, especially table salt, is that it can accumulate too much in the body.

For those who don’t like any bitterness, this may mean the addition of too much salt, which may be harmful to the body.

First, table salt, or sodium chloride, has health concerns. Too much table salt can cause problems for the body, especially the kidneys.

It is essential to cut down salt intake as a person ages, as too much calcium in the body is dangerous for proper functioning.

That’s why it is dangerous to become accustomed to salt in coffee, as it may increase the salt content of the body.

Salt can be an excellent replacement for sugar in coffee, which is a significant cause for concern. The best way to put salt in coffee is to add it to your coffee grounds before brewing.

That way, it dissolves faster. But you shouldn’t create a problem by trying to solve one. If you consume too much salt, it will lead to severe problems for your body.


So, there you have it. If you’ve had problems reducing your sugar intake or feel cream is not the way to go, you can try salt in your coffee.

It has zero calories, so as long as you add it in moderation, your body will be better for it. It also improves your cup’s taste and adds a unique kind of sweetness.

Salt in coffee is synonymous with low-quality coffee, so you may wonder whether it is necessary to add salt to your coffee if it is of high quality.

This depends on the taste. If you want the flavor to improve, then you can add a pinch of salt. If not, you can enjoy your coffee as it is.

Despite the many benefits of salt in coffee, it is essential to remember that too much sodium is bad for the body.

If your body consumes too much sodium from salt, it may lead to an imbalance in your nervous system.


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