roast level
Starbucks Dark Roast
Starbucks Dark Roast
1.12 lbs. (packs of 1 and 6); 1.25 lbs. (packs of 1 and 12); 12 oz. (pack of 6)
French Roast
roast level
Dark Roast
Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
1-, 2-, and 5-pound packs of one
Premium Artisan Roast
roast level
Dark Roast and Medium Roast
Great Basin Coffee Co
Great Basin Coffee Co
2.2 lbs. (pack of one); 5 lbs. (pack of one); 12 oz. (pack of one)
roast level
Medium Roast
Fresh Roasted Coffee
Fresh Roasted Coffee
5 lbs. (pack of one)
Kenya AA
roast level
Medium-Dark Roast
illy Ground Coffee
illy Ground Coffee
8.8 Ounce (Pack of 2)
Classic Roast
roast level
Medium Roast

Who doesn’t love the best coffee for French Press? Maybe only those people who don’t have a French Press!

If you don’t yet have one, check these reviews for the best French Press. Then, follow up by reading about the best type of coffee for French Press.

Need answers about this coffee brewing method? No problem!

Our FAQs section deals with multiple questions about the French Press and other coffee brewing techniques.

It also answers questions about whether to stir French Press coffee and if Starbucks makes the best coffee brand for French Press.

But, read through our reviews before moving onto the FAQs to get a better idea of improving the start of your day.

Mini Reviews

Haven’t you always wanted the best coffee for French Press available “on tap”?

You can have your wish come true by placing a recurring order for any of these best coffee brands for French Press.

Scroll through our buying guide for the best ground coffee for French Press to see which brands appeal to you.

The finest berries from the Arabica and Robusta coffee plants go into making these fine brands.

Choose from medium and dark roasts made from beans sourced from the coffee belt throughout the world.

Some products are also available with additional features to increase value for money.

Read on to find out where you can order your favorite filter coffee at the touch of a button.

Best Coffee For French Press – Reviews & Buying guide for 2021


Starbucks Dark Roast

Best Overall
Starbucks Dark Roast

Any lover of coffee appreciates the deep, dark roast of Arabica, which is perfect for using in your French Press machine.

Of course, you can also use a coffee maker or other methods to brew this coffee.

But what you get from this French roast is a guarantee of 100% Arabica coffee berry flavor, making it the best coffee for French Press.

Featured Specs

Volume1.12 lbs. (packs of 1 and 6); 1.25 lbs. (packs of 1 and 12); 12 oz. (pack of 6)
FlavorFrench Roast
Roast levelDark Roast
9.7Expert Score
Buying Advice
The fact that it is available to ship to friends and family as a gift is an additional feature that appeals to many customers.

The convenience of shipping the product to your door and automatically repeating monthly orders is yet another benefit of purchasing this product.

If you love your French Press coffee, then this brand provides delicious flavor every time.
So, order one of the best coffee brands for French Press and never run out when you place a recurring order.
  • The beans are finely ground and ready to use.
  • Delicious smoky flavor and aroma.
  • The full-body, robust taste makes it the best type of coffee for French Press.
  • This best coffee for French Press is caffeinated.
  • Starbucks dark roast is inimitable, creating a strong following for brand fans who want the best coffee grounds for French Press.
  • Despite this product having redeemable stars at Starbucks, customers complain that they cannot use them because someone else has already claimed the reward.
  • Customers claim that this product is also sold as Morning Joe and is available at other outlets for a lower price.

Extra Features

You can get redeemable stars to use with your Starbucks Rewards program, adding to the appeal of this best coffee for a French Press.

You can also purchase this brand in various sizes, making it easy to stock up, so you need never run out of your favorite morning wake-up beverage.

Add to this; you can send this product as a gift to friends and family when you place your order.

Another benefit of buying this product is that you receive additional value. You get a 20 oz. Starbucks ground coffee pack with each purchase


Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia lies in the coffee belt and makes the best coffee to use for French Press.

The rich flavors of this artisanal roast come in a large one-pound bag, which undergoes local roasting in N.Y.C. for superior freshness and flavor.

You can keep your best coffee grounds for French Press for up to a year after roasting, but no self-respecting coffee lover would even consider this an option.

Read about the pros and cons, special features, and buying advice in this runner-up product review to help you decide on the best ground coffee for a French Press.

Featured Specs

Volume1-, 2-, and 5-pound packs of one
FlavorPremium Artisan Roast
Roast levelDark Roast and Medium Roast
9.4Expert Score
Buying Advice
Our buying advice for this best coffee for French Press is to try another product if you aren’t into a rich, robust, fragrant, and full-bodied flavor.

Otherwise, this artisanal Ethiopian brand is one of the best ground coffees for French Press brewing.
  • Roasted locally in New York to ensure extra freshness
  • The locally owned roasting company provides fresh coffee around the city, delivering to restaurants, offices, cafes, and espresso bars
  • This best coffee brand for French Press doesn’t leave an oily residue in the coffee machine or on your palate
  • It uses a wet-processing extraction method that produces a fruity bean with delicate yet complex floral and fragrant notes
  • This Ethiopian coffee is aromatic and incredibly robust. If you appreciate the best type of coffee for French Press with a strong flavor–this is it. If not, continue reading to see what other best brands are under review.
  • Weather, climate, and other environmental factors influence plant growth. Plant growth and nourishment may impact the flavor of the coffee berry from one season to the next. Consequently, the taste of this artisanal product may change over time. Neither you nor anyone else can change this fact. The result is that some customers mention that the flavor quality can range from good to superior over time.
  • One customer complains of a “bad bean” flavor which could be due to the roasting process.

Extra Features

This best coffee brand for French Press is USDA approved. Your organic coffee comes from small plots where villagers grow and harvest the beans for transport across the globe.

In other words, the growing methods are sustainable and free of chemicals to bring you the best garden coffee that follows fair-trade regulations.

Another benefit of purchasing this best ground coffee for French Press is that you receive a 100% guarantee of satisfaction with every pack.

If you don’t like the taste, flavor, or packaging on the receipt, you can request a hassle-free refund.


Great Basin Coffee Co

Great Basin Coffee Co

One of the best types of coffee for French Press, when you want a smoother flavor, is this Great Basin Coffee Co.’s medium roast blend.

This Bristlecone blend makes it to the third spot in our mini-reviews for a smooth taste that allows you to drink several cups of coffee daily without losing sleep.

If you don’t yet have a French Press machine, it’s time to get one for a fragrant coffee that approximates a mild espresso.

Get your blend today to mix up your coffee brewing experience.

Featured Specs

Volume2.2 lbs. (pack of one); 5 lbs. (pack of one); 12 oz. (pack of one)
Roast levelMedium Roast
9.3Expert Score
Buying Advice
This product is undoubtedly among the best coffees to use for French Press.

The grounds are coarse, adding to the aromatic pleasure of your daily brew.

In addition, pricing is cost-effective in comparison with other similar brands.

The company owners are family members from a small, U.S.-based who use high-tech roasting techniques to bring the best coffee for French Press right into your home.
  • Great Basin Co. makes this medium roast best coffee grounds for French Press, low in acidity.
  • You can brew a cold cup, pour over coffee technique, or use your French Press.
  • The beans are roasted weekly and delivered fresh for optimum fragrance, taste, and aroma.
  • You can use this blend in all coffee machine types, although it is the best coffee for a French Press.
  • Swap out your regular dark roast for this medium one with nuances of delicious ripe plum and chocolate for a smooth daily beverage (several times a day).
  • This medium roast is a coarsely ground coffee which makes it one of the best for French Press.
  • We tried to find negative customer reviews in an effort to find some fault with this best ground coffee for French Press. Fortunately, we couldn’t find any. Perhaps the only con for this product is that this specific review covers a medium roast. Other than this, if you prefer a dark roast, the company also caters to lovers of more robust coffee.

Extra Features

The extra feature of this best coffee brand for French Press is that it takes the best beans to make the blend.

Coffee beans are sustainably sourced and include Columbian gourmet berries, Robusta, and Arabica, making for one of the finest medium roasts.

The Great Basin Coffee Co. sources sustainable coffee beans and roasts to deliver small batches to outlets every week, ensuring only the freshest coffee reaches your cup.


Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee

If you want consistent flavor and quality, then this best type of coffee for French Press from Yirgacheffes will surely impress you.

The substantial five-pound packaging will keep you in coffee for quite a time, and the medium-dark roast achieves a balance of fragrant tastes and aromas.

Featured Specs

Volume5 lbs. (pack of one)
FlavorKenya AA
Roast levelMedium-Dark Roast
8.9Expert Score
Buying Advice
If you’re a discerning coffee fan who prefers to grind whole beans, then this must be the best ground coffee for French Press brewing.

However, if you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can explore the mini-reviews here to set yourself up for a fresh brewing experience.

While some customers are not happy with this product, they seem to confuse this Kenyan product with other African countries such as Tanzania.

Do some research about the best Kenyan whole coffee beans and ground coffee before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

Having said this, if you keep an open mind, this brand provides consistent quality, which local roasting techniques can impact negatively.
  • Revel in the delicate aroma of orange zest, black tea, and peach blossom with this beautiful blend, making for the best coffee brand for French Press.
  • This single-origin Kenyan coffee contains 11 varietals naturally sun-dried on raised beds for a full-body flavor.
  • You can purchase this coffee as whole beans or coarsely ground as the best coffee for a French Press drinking experience.
  • Customers report being impressed with the smoothness of this whole bean coffee.
  • Consistency in flavor ensures this is among the best types of coffee for French Press.
  • One customer complains that the beans are over-roasted, giving the coffee an acidic, bitter flavor.
  • This brew does not produce the best results for cold brews.
  • It seems that not all packages contain a roasting date, leaving consumers wondering about the age of their product purchase.
  • Some customers claim to have received stale products.

Extra Features

An appealing feature of this best coffee for French Press is that it has the kosher certification.

The producer also uses an environmentally friendly Loring Roaster process to limit the carbon footprint of this product.

Sustainable sourcing of coffee berries adds to the benefits of purchasing this product while roasting takes place in the U.S. to support delivering a fresh product.


illy Ground Coffee

illy Ground Coffee

illy is a well-known Italian brand that has been producing coffee for decades.

This brand is roasted in Trieste, packed, and then distributed around the world.

As the best coffee for French Press, this one remains a favorite among coffee fans, who won’t consider switching to another brand. 

Featured Specs

Volume8.8 Ounce (Pack of 2)
FlavorClassic Roast
Roast levelMedium Roast
8.7Expert Score
Buying Advice
It’s quite simple, really! If you don’t like a strong roast, then look elsewhere.

Otherwise, illy remains one of the best coffee brands for French Press or drip brewing.

Also, remember that Italians love strong coffee. So, even if this is a medium roast for them, it might still be strong for the U.S. palate.
  • This is hands-down among the best coffee brands for French Press brewing.
  • You can also use other brewing methods to make this coffee, but the fine ground means it is ideal for espresso machines, which is no surprise since the Italians love their espresso.
  • The containers are metal, which means they are great for recycling, adding value for money to your purchase.
  • The nutty notes leave a pleasing aftertaste on the palate once you finish drinking your brew.
  • Besides a delicate nutty nuance, this brew is smooth and sweet, keeping customers coming back for more of the best coffee grounds for French Press.
  • Because of the coffee berries that illy uses in this product, there is absolutely no bitter aftertaste (another indication of its quality).
  • This brand doesn’t come cheap, but then again, the packaging is as high a quality as the beans that illy uses.
  • One customer review mentions that this is not the best ground coffee for French Press as the grouts are too fine. As a result, they seep through the filter and end up in the cup, which is unpleasant.
  • Not everyone appreciates this product’s full-body, rounded flavor, complaining that it is too strong, despite being a medium roast.

Extra Features

Some of the extra features in this best coffee for French Press brewing include vacuum packaging to maintain freshness.

In addition, nitrogen is included in the packaging to preserve the freshness of the coffee as if it was packed and roasted on the same day of purchase.

Further, the canisters are pressurized to maintain the freshness of this brew.

Only 100% Arabica beans go into making this delightful illy brand, making it the best type of coffee for French Press.

Coffee For French Press FAQs

What kind of coffee is best for French Press?

In this section, we discuss FAQs such as the best coffee for French Press and whether Starbucks sells this type of coffee machine.

Other questions involve whether you should stir a French Press and whether a coffee maker tops the French Press for the best brew.

Should you stir French Press?

You can decide for yourself when you have all the necessary information in one convenient mini-review.

What kind of coffee is best for French Press?

From our experience, the best ground coffee for French Press is somewhere between a super-fine and a coarse ground.

The finely ground best coffee brands are suitable for use in an espresso machine.
But a medium coarsely fine ground works well as the best coffee to use for French Press brewing.

Regarding the best coffee brands for French Press brewing? Well–our mini-review addresses five of the top brands.

In addition, you can pick from Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Columbian single-origin or blended versions of the best coffee grounds for French Press brews.

Alternatively, you can opt for freshly roasted and preserved coffee beans and do your own customizable grinding.

Ultimately, your best option is to experiment with various coffee brands and settle for a few favorites for the best coffee for French Press beverages.

You can check out the best coffee to use for French Press here if you want to explore further.

Does Starbucks sell French Press?

Starbucks does sell a French Press. This company also sells the best type of coffee for French Press brewing.

As Starbucks advises, the French Press is ideal for brewing coffee as this equipment doesn’t need a paper filter that soaks up aromatic oils.

If you don’t have filter paper soaking up natural bean oils, you get more flavor from your beverage. This brewing process is beneficial on more levels than one.

For example, you get value for money using the best ground coffee for French Press because you enjoy the full bean flavor rather than a lesser version.

Should you stir French Press?

You should never stir coffee that is busy brewing in a French Press.

The whole idea of placing the grouts in the container and pouring hot water over them is to allow them to brew in peace.

Pouring hot water over the grounds helps to steep the coffee for a few minutes.

These minutes are crucial in extracting as much flavor as possible from the ground coffee.

The result is a smooth, delicious flavor experience once you press the coffee, pour and drink.
If you stir the mixture while it is in the French Press, you disturb the extraction process.

You’ll also end up chewing your coffee instead of drinking. So, be sure to get the best coffee brand for French Press to enjoy your favorite beverage daily.

Which is better, coffee maker or French Press?

A coffee maker is essentially a drip method for brewing this beverage, whereas the French Press enables you to use some pressure when pushing the plunger down to capture and isolate the grouts.

If you don’t mind a few grouts in your coffee, the French Press delivers better flavor.

Although a coffee maker also provides excellent flavor, it loses some of this due to a lack of pressure in squeezing more taste out of the grouts.

The French Press is convenient when you want a quick cup of coffee, but a coffee maker is also suitable.

It lets you walk away and carry on with other business while dripping slowly through the filter.
The final answer to whether the coffee maker or French Press is better is that you should have both.

You should have the French Press for single cups and a coffee maker when you need to make coffee for more than one person.


This concludes our mini-reviews for the best coffee for French Press and FAQs about the best ground coffee for French Press.

Take your pick from the finest best coffee brands for French Press and get brewing.

If you’re interested in any of the weirdest coffees from around the world, then explore these brands here.

Then check our other coffee guides on this page and find the best equipment in this section.

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