Caffeine is coffee’s chief ingredient that attracts individuals to the drink. Organic coffee quenches thirst and jolts people with a healthy dose of energy.

An excellent cup of organic coffee beans contains wellness benefits that improve concentration and memory without leaving a bitter aftertaste. If you are a coffee connoisseur, you understand the artfulness of brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Consuming organic coffee will kick start your morning and boost energy.

And for sure, the quality of your coffee beans will have an enormous impact on your taste buds. The efficiency and health implications of your favorite drink will depend on the environment in which farmers grow it from. For this reason, the stakes are high for coffee brands to ensure that what ends up in your cup is tasty, nutritious, and USDA-certified organic coffee.

Best Organic Coffee Brands

Your coffee has to taste good and offer health benefits, meaning organic coffee brands are your best option compared to conventional coffee. We searched for the best organic coffee beans and compiled a list of brands to satisfy your taste buds. Here is an elaborate list of the five best organic coffee brands to narrow your decision-making process further.

Best Organic Coffee Brands – Reviews & Recommendations for 2022


Lifeboost Coffee | Whole Bean | Medium Roast Coffee

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5 Best Organic Coffee Brands You Should Try 2
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5 Best Organic Coffee Brands You Should Try 6
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About Product
Item FormWhole Bean
FlavorWHOLE BEAN Medium Roast
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated 89-95MG
Roast LevelMedium_roast
  1. Approved by the agriculture department.
  2. 30 days trial.

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Brand Information:

Lifeboost comprises of sun-dried beans sprinkled with a dash of spring water. This coffee brand prides itself in producing ethically sourced coffee that is natural, pure, and delicious. Lifeboost is third-party tested and certified organic to ensure that it is free of pesticides, toxins, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. Lifeboost gets its beans from the mountains of Nicaragua and ensures that its exclusive farmers handpick the beans for purity and meet other USDA regulations.

Lifeboost has a low acid concentration compared to other traditional coffee beans and is gentle on teeth. Low acidity offers antioxidant properties full of nutritional value and reduces cases of problems such as stomach discomfort. This coffee brand is non-GMO, as well as chemical and mold-free in a bid to give you the healthiest drink on the planet.

9.7Expert Score
Best Overall
Lifeboost does not come cheap because of the beans’ lowered acidity. Coffee is acidic, but the antioxidants in Lifeboost will ensure that stomach upset is a problem of the past. If you thought you would never drink coffee again, Lifeboost’s lower PH level will make you think twice.
  • Low acidity – smooth and mellow on your stomach.
  • Offered in both Pre-ground and whole-bean.
  • High-elevation shade-grown.
  • Fairtrade and environment-friendly.
  • Expensive.

Buying Advice:

In our guide of the best organic coffee brands, Lifeboost takes first place because the beans are carefully selected to meet your nutritional values and satiate your caffeine thirst. Thanks to the fertile grounds and spring water of the Nicaraguan mountains, you can now enjoy the pure flavor and richness of Arabica coffee.

The exciting thing about Lifeboost is that they offer free shipping on orders above $50 and will give a refund if you dislike the product (they are incredibly confident to think that you won’t). If you buy Lifeboost, you support the environment, wildlife, and people. Lifeboost strives to pay farmers fair wages and donate a percentage of the returns to protect animals and plants.

Coffee enthusiasts are always looking for a delicious and fresh drink with a great brand history. We believe that Lifeboost’s medium roast lets you choose between enjoying the convenience of pre-ground coffee or grinding it yourself.


Valhalla Java Bagged Coffee Grounds

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About Product
BrandDeath Wish Coffee Co.
Item FormGround
FlavorDark Roast Coffee
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Roast LevelDark_roast
  • Medium-dark roast blend.
  • Nutty undertones.

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If you are looking for something powerful, Valhalla is the go-to coffee brand. Valhalla coffee is strong enough to warrant a warning, meaning that you don’t have to consume as many mugs as traditional coffee (a small intake goes a long way). This coffee comes in a black bag that signifies its nutrient-rich origin and careful grind to give a high-quality caffeine brew. Valhalla is a quality brew different from store-bought coffee, resulting in high energy and artistic flavor.

Valhalla is a bag of niceness that is carefully selected, sourced, and roasted from premium Robusta and Arabica beans. A cup of Valhalla will leave you satiated, and the intricate brewing process offers a coffee roast that is earthly and smooth.

Valhalla has a USDA organic label and is Fair Trade certified to ensure that you get a drink that meets critical nutritional standards.

9.5Expert Score
Valhalla Java is a robust blend beautifully crafted for people with a flair for the dramatic. Inspired by Zakk Wylde, the famous guitarist looking for a drink with the power of the gods, Valhalla promises to invigorate your taste buds vigorously, and the effects are similar to the power that can wake the dead.
  • Smooth and pure taste – no burnt chemical aftertaste.
  • Low acidity.
  • Powerful (It is a death wish coffee and lives up to its name)
  • Flavorful with a sweet aroma.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Relatively pricey.
  • It might be too intense for beginner coffee drinkers.
Buying Advice:

The story of Valhalla Java shows the extent to which the founders went in search of frontier coffee. If you are a serious coffee enthusiast and want to find a home in one of the most robust coffees, this brand will blow your mind. Valhalla employs unique roasting techniques (a secret recipe), while the crossbones and cross logo are a testament to what you should expect.

Coffee amateurs who want to graduate to a more prosperous and more potent drink without compromising the quality should grab Valhalla and experience coffee roasted by the fires of Odin.

Birthed from the fertile soils of Indonesia, South and Central America, Valhalla Java will give you an extra caffein jolt with an earthy feel of nuts. The best and favorite part is you don’t have to take the manufacturer’s words at face value; if you don’t like your order, they promise to offer a refund.


Tiny Footprint Coffee USDA Organic Cold Brew

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About Product
BrandTiny Footprint Coffee
Item FormGround
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Roast LevelMedium_roast
  • The mixture of light and dark roasts.

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Brand Information:

Tiny Footprint Coffee comes in a floral pack that expresses its silky and sweet richness. The subtle brightness and cocoa-infused aroma appeal to people that want their medium roast drink to embody gentleness.

Tiny Footprint is a cold press elixir perfectly blended with light and dark roasts from the best Ethiopian coffee. This company carefully crafts its organic coffee in a vintage German-built Probat drum roaster combined with modern ribbon burners to produce perfectly roasted coffee to suit your taste qualities.

The combination of vintage and computer-controlled equipment ensures that you get a flavorful coffee despite your brewing technique. Tiny Footprint forges its products from 100% organic Arabica coffee beans. The organic shade-grown coffee ensures a balanced ecosystem and saves farmers money.

9.4Expert Score
Suppose you are environmentally conscious and desire organically grown coffee? In that case, Tiny Footprint allows you to enjoy your coffee with the knowledge that farmers plant a thousand trees to obtain their organic beans. Tiny footprint coffee is organic and fair trade certified. Their bid to maintain an ecosystem that favors farmers, birds and animals ensures that their reforestation efforts produce good karma in every pound.
  • A fantastic brand for cold brews.
  • An organic brand that is environment-friendly (trees are planted for every pound of coffee).
  • Chocolatey and floral overtones with no acidity.
  • Pre-ground, making it easy to make.
  • Carbon neutral.
  • Slight bitter aftertaste.
Buying Advice:

Tiny Footprint is an organic coffee brand that provides your cold brew with peak aroma and flavor in every batch. The silky richness, floral tones, and bright fruit will ensure that you enjoy a specialty-grade coffee. With all the benefits that Tiny Footprint offers to the environment and coffee growers, there is no doubt that it is the best organic coffee brand.

If you love to do good things globally, supporting Tiny Footprint can be your direct ticket to achieving that. When you drink this coffee, the manufacturers ensure that they plant more trees in Ecuador to support carbon removal from the atmosphere, protect habitats, and foster reforestation. How great is that?


Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

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About Product
BrandCafe Don Pablo
Item FormWhole Bean
FlavorWhole Bean Coffee
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Roast LevelMedium-Dark Roast
Diet TypeGluten Free
  • Smooth chocolate taste.
  • Packed prior to shipping.

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Brand Information:

Subtle Earth organic coffee is a delicious coffee brand sourced from Honduras that offers a chocolatey, smooth, and clean finish. Subtle Earth coffee is rich and deep with low acidity to ensure you stay away from problematic issues such as teeth and stomach aches that are consistent with the heavy consumption of traditional coffee brands.

Subtle Earth organic coffee is derived from expertly processed organic coffee beans packaged prior to shipping to ensure they maintain their freshness and rich flavor. This coffee brand is USDA organic certified and “specialty” rated as a mark of quality. Subtle Earth coffee is gluten and nut-free, vegan, and keto-friendly

9Expert Score
This coffee blend has a sweet and pleasant undertone. The coffee tastes of milk chocolate laced with honey, caramel, and cocoa while retaining a pinch of naturally roasted flavor.
  • Less stomach acid.
  • It has a blend of sweet flavors.
  • Affordable.
  • It becomes dull and tasteless if it stays longer in the bag.
Buying Advice:

If you are looking for a coffee brand that is affordable but an efficient caffeine drink, Subtle Earth Organic coffee is the solution. This coffee brand adheres to the USDA regulations while maintaining a pocket-friendly price to ensure you get a high-quality brew.

This coffee has a meticulous kick to the artfulness of flavors, infusing sweet and pleasant aftertastes of caramel, honey, and chocolate. Thanks to their relentless commitment to quality, Subtle Earth Organic Coffee uses premium Arabica coffee beans to give you rich and deep flavor in every cup, making it one of our best organic coffee beans.


VitaCup Perfect Low Acid Instant Coffee Packets

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About Product
Item FormInstant
FlavorPerfect Low Acid
Caffeine ContentCaffeinated
Roast LevelDark_roast
SpecialtySingle Origin, Certified Organic, Low Acid
  • Single-origin.
  • Paleo, Vegan, whole 30 diets.

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Brand Information:

Vitacup selects its coffee from Colombia and Honduras. The Arabica coffee beans grow at high altitudes in rich fertile ground, giving an intense flavor and reducing the acidity in your cup. This coffee brand is conveniently packaged with on-the-go sachets to make it easy for you to access the coffee sticks, mix, and enjoy (no brewer needed).

Additional coffee beans for Vitacup are sourced from Brazil and Mexico to give the drink a delicious light touch. The roasting team spends hours in the lab to create a sophisticated premium product that delivers a chocolatey and floral taste while maintaining the essential vitamins. Careful quality control ensures that a single serving does not sacrifice flavor.

Their coffee is 3rd-party lab-tested to rid the coffee beans of pesticides and mycotoxins, offering you a mold-free brew that is clean, pure, and full of energy. It contains healthy acid antioxidants that protect and maintain cell health. Vitacup instant sticks have essential vitamin components that support the mind and body.

8.5Expert Score
Vitacup is a low-calorie, pure, and low-acid beverage that gives a smooth, chocolatey undertone. The brewmasters create a concentrated batch of crushed coffee beans and extract water until it forms a powdery residue. Certified by the USDA, Vitacup is a dark roast coffee forged from the best coffee beans and perfectly sealed to ensure that you get all the nutritional value in one cup.
  • Keto and vegan-friendly.
  • The sticks make it a perfect on-the-go option.
  • Fantastic aroma and flavorful.
  • Strong and promises more energy.
  • It may not be strong enough for seasoned drinkers.
Buying Advice:

Vitacup is the perfect organic blend with complex flavors such as cinnamon and turmeric if you want a drink full of wellness. Vitacup is one of our favorite picks because it comes in sticks that eliminate the need for a coffee maker, making it a perfect on-the-go drink. You can carry it in a purse, and while the coffee is in tiny sachets, you will enjoy the goodness of mold-free coffee.

What is Organic Coffee?

5 Best Organic Coffee Brands You Should Try 39

Organic coffee is coffee produced without the input of chemical substances such as herbicides, additives, or pesticides. Before certification by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), many factors are considered. The USDA ensures that coffee beans are free of chemical residues.

At the same time, the Organic Food Production Act regulates chemical use in coffee after harvesting and focuses on how producers handle it throughout the production process.

Growing organic coffee fosters organic agriculture to strengthen the environment. Generally, coffee is shade-grown to minimize soil erosion and promote forest preservation. A third of USA organic beverage sales come from organic coffee.

This drink is not a “death wish coffee” so it’s okay for people that prefer subtle strength without sacrificing the wellness and nutritional properties they can enjoy in every cup. The organic roasting process involved in preparing Vitacup makes it high-quality.

Is Organic Coffee better?

5 Best Organic Coffee Brands You Should Try 40

If you consume coffee regularly, the question of its health implications will be at the top of your mind. You can’t afford to be ingenuine, cheap, or easy when it comes to your coffee. Organic coffee is better because farmers make critical decisions throughout the process to ensure the consumer’s health and the environment.

Organic farmers use natural methods compared to conventional farmers, producing cleaner beans and maintaining health benefits. The lack of dangerous use of chemicals in organic coffee gives a different taste from established coffee brands.

What is Decaf Coffee?

5 Best Organic Coffee Brands You Should Try 41

Decaf coffee is coffee without the stimulating caffeine components. Conventional belief states that caffeinated coffee contains unhealthy properties, leading to the popularization of decaf coffee. Previously, extracting caffeine from coffee beans involved benzene, which science proves to be a harmful carcinogen. Coffee is only decaffeinated when it is in its green state (before roasting).

Caffeine is a natural component in coffee, and any attempt to extract it goes against the natural order of things. The decaffeination process is complex and destroys various flavor compounds, making it difficult to find a good decaf. Avoid oily and incredibly dark decaf coffees if you want to have a better decaf experience.

3 Things to Consider When Buying Organic Coffee
Organic foods have become the buzz of late and organic coffee is no exception. The “organic” tag on a coffee brand might connote healthy and high quality, but this does not give the product a direct pass.

Here are several things to consider if you want the best organic coffee.
Source of the coffee beans
Coffee comes from drying, roasting, and brewing. Coffee has numerous health advantages, such as reducing type 2 diabetes and liver disease. Organic coffee beans ensure that you get a concentrated caffeine fix and boost your energy levels.

The source of the coffee beans can tell the story of the farming process. For example, Brazil is a significant exporter but uses heavy chemicals like synthetic pesticides.

The climate, soil, and altitude of the coffee farm will determine the flavor of your drink. It is evident that lower-quality beans give a bitter taste while higher-quality beans offer a flavorful and robust beverage.

The Arabica coffee is grown in Central and South America, called “the coffee belt.” Arabica coffee has lower caffeine and produces 60% of the world’s coffee, while Robusta has a higher caffeine content and produces 40% of the world’s coffee.
Fair-trade Certification
Fair-trade is a world-renowned approval body that, for decades, has prided itself in heightening ethical practices across products. In addition to the “organic” label, look out for a fair-trade certification tag to ensure that your brand of choice supports reasonable prices for producers, empowers producers, and considers gender equality.

Fairtrade ensures that fairness is paramount in an organization’s operations, indicating that the brand from which you get the coffee complies with transparency and trust throughout their supply chain. A coffee brand that is fair-trade certified operates with integrity and fosters brand reputation, inspiring confidence in its customers.

In general, a certified brand portrays its capacity to adhere to farmers’ environmental, social, and economic development.

Thanks to fair-trade, Kicking Horse coffee a leading brand in Canada has gained prominence over years in producing extraordinary organic coffee.
Coffee consumers will realize that the price of coffee increases with improvements in quality. Storage and bagging options contribute immensely to preservation quality. It would help if you considered your storage options to ensure your coffee stays longer and in optimal condition without being moldy. Storing the coffee in a cool location and using opaque jars, avoids contaminating the coffee with non-organic properties, and protects against moisture.

FAQs about organic coffee:

What is the difference Between USDA organic and Certified Organic?

USDA organic

Every product can claim to be organic, but they need to undergo a rigorous process to be USDA organic. USDA organic means that the coffee has been certified by the agency, while certified organic means that several auditing bodies approve the product.

Organic coffee means that it is grown without synthetic fertilizers or artificial chemicals and that the farming practices improve water quality, protect wildlife and plants, and enrich the soil.

Is USDA Organic trustworthy?

USDA verifies organic products from the farm to the store and empowers consumers with information to ensure they make informed decisions before purchasing food. USDA is trustworthy because it requires farmers to document their processes and carries out on-site inspections. The USDA has the mandate to track organic products from the beginning to the end.

Who certifies organic coffee?

USDA certifies organic coffee and offers farmers literacy initiatives to learn how to access USDA programs and be approved. USDA takes farmers through a rigorous process to ensure they market their products as organic.

Here is USDA’s certification system:

1. Create an organic plan.
2. Implement the plan and have it checked by a certified agent.
3. Carry out an inspection.
4. Have an agent inspect the report.
5. Receive a decision from USDA.

Can I use USDA organic Logo?

Before using the USDA seal, your product must follow stringent production standards and strict certification processes. The standards ensure you meet various factors such as farming practices, synthetic fertilizers, and soil quality.

Before you can use the logo, the ingredients must be certified, and the label will include the name of the certifying agent.

Before the USDA can allow you to use the organic logo, you must prove the quality of the coffee because the organization prides itself in verifying products from the farm to the store.

What does the USDA Organic logo Mean?

Products can use the “organic” term if the USDA determines that they were grown without using prohibited substances such as pesticides and fertilizers on the soil for three years before harvest. The USDA organic logo means that the coffee does not contain artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. USDA ensures that the farmers and manufacturers do not handle coffee using genetically modified components.

USDA-certified organic coffee brands are grown according to federal guidelines, and the producers depend on biology-based farming inputs and natural substances throughout the process. The logo means that the product positively affects human health and the environment.

Why You Should Trust Us:

As you can see from our guide, you need to do thorough research before settling on an “organic” coffee brand. As the world attempts to detach itself from destructive processes and chemical ingredients, organic coffee continues to be a popular drink that boasts excellent wellness and health components.

Coffee is an incredible source of healthy antioxidants that make you feel energized and that get your blood flowing. Science shows that unprocessed coffee has over 1000 antioxidants, and over a hundred more develop during roasting.

When in doubt, try out the options from our list to increase your chances of getting the best stuff. Our guide offers an elaborate list that ensures the coffee that gets to your lips has no residues, is gentle to your stomach, has low acidity, and is healthy for humans and the environment.

LifeBoost is the best organic coffee and our top pick because it has undergone careful selection to ensure that it nourishes with every sip you take. LifeBoost goes through rigorous quality inspection to ensure that have the healthiest and cleanest cup of coffee.

We hope this thorough guide has given you an in-depth understanding of organic roasted beans and will help you improve the quality of the drink in your morning cup.

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