No, you should not put instant coffee into your coffee maker! Instant coffee is a very popular means of making coffee. To make instant coffee, whole beans are roasted, ground, then brewed.

After that, the water in the brewed product is removed via a process called crystallization. So, instant coffee is already partially made and requires only water. Some people prefer instant coffee while others don’t.

One type of instant coffee is powdered instant coffee, and the other type is crystallized instant coffee.

Powdered instant coffee often already contains sweeteners, while crystallized instant coffee is made by freeze-drying ground coffee after removing the water—it is not sweet.

There are several different types of coffee makers and they are all designed to brew ground coffee.

This means that instant coffee isn’t ideal for such a machine, mainly because while ground coffee is still raw, instant coffee is, to an extent, already brewed. 

Should you Put Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker?

Should you Put Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker?

The simple answer is no. And the reasons are apparent. Instant coffee, by its nature, dissolves very quickly.

Coffee machines are designed to brew coffee, not just heat-brewed beverages. Therefore, a problem of incompatibility immediately ensues.

Why would you want to make a simple task complicated? Not only will you make the job more difficult, but you could also damage the machine.

Besides posing a risk to your device, the resulting drink will also be very concentrated. Moreover, because instant coffee is already brewed, adding it to a coffee maker is similar to brewing it again.

However, if you really want to, you can still make instant coffee with a coffee machine once in a while. You can use a coffee maker to make instant coffee when you want to make the drink for more than three people.

Because the drink is always more concentrated, you can then dilute it to serve a higher number of people.

Let’s explore what happens when you put instant coffee in a coffee maker.

What Happens if You Put Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker?

What Happens if You Put Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker?

So, many things can happen when you put instant coffee in a coffee maker. First, you won’t get a very appealing drink. The result will be a mushy drink with a smell that you won’t love.

But that is just the smallest of the problems you may encounter when you use a coffee maker to make instant coffee.

Because instant coffee easily dissolves in water, it can also dry quickly, leading to clogs in your machine that will reduce its life and may destroy it completely.

When water flows in a coffee maker, it passes through raw, ground beans, producing flavor extraction. This means that much of the coffee powder goes through the outlet.

Such resistance, which ground beans supply, is not present with instant coffee. This is also one of the reasons why the coffee maker can be easily damaged.

However, the damage may not be permanent and can be easily rectified if you wash the coffee maker with hot water.

Some people even believe that the only disadvantage of using a coffee maker for instant coffee is the taste, as any residue in the machine can easily be rectified.

This has led to a school of thought that you can use a coffee maker to make instant coffee if you’re okay with the taste.

Can you Damage the Coffee Maker?

Yes, you can damage your coffee maker if you use it to make instant coffee.

Because coffee makers are designed for brewing coffee, the high solubility of instant coffee makes it develop clogs that can easily damage the coffee maker.

Since instant coffee only needs water, it is recommended that you do not use a coffee machine for it. There is no need to do so.

However, if you must, you should ensure that you clean the coffee maker immediately after use with hot water. Also, don’t use your coffee maker to make instant coffee every time.

How to Properly Use Instant Coffee

How to Properly Use Instant Coffee

The best way to use instant coffee is to just add hot water. Since instant coffee was made for those who don’t have time to brew coffee with a coffee maker, you shouldn’t make things harder for yourself by using a coffee maker for your instant coffee.

If you use a coffee maker to make instant coffee, you should add some milk to the coffee.

Because instant coffee made with a coffee maker is always concentrated and bitter, milk will help to reduce acidity and improve the taste.


Many coffee drinkers prefer instant coffee and want to begin their day without necessarily going through the stress of brewing coffee.

It’s very popular among many people, although the caffeine content may not be as high as in brewed coffee.

Because all you need is hot water, you don’t need to use a coffee maker. However, if you must experiment with one, wash your coffee maker thoroughly with hot water to prevent clogs that may arise from its use.


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